Medical practitioner in other countries should be able to immediately give you the required assistance.

We have taken the challenge to enable clear and direct communication between you and any doctor abroad. Where you health is concerned, you do not want to risk being misdiagnosed or misunderstood because of a language barrier, or having to wait until your GP at home can be reached – assuming that your GP can communicate with the local doctor. You want the right help directly – just as you would in your home country.

RESQ.Life is the vision of a doctor who heard many stories of patients who needed medical assistance while travelling. They sometimes had to wait for days for the required care – resulting in life-threatening situations. Why did it take that long? It was simply that the local healthcare providers could not communicate with the patient. Either because they didn't speak the same language or because the patient was unconcious.

The solution we have created is RESQ.Life. This system makes it quick and simple for your medical condition to be understood, regardless of what language is required. Your RESQ.Life file can include diseases, medical conditions, allergies, implants and blood type. The fundamentals for the system are ease of use on any device that can connect to the internet, accurate and correct translations, excellent reliability and maximum protection of privacy. These aspects are at the heart of RESQ.Life. Through RESQ.Life we hope that users can travel feeling safe.

RESQ.Life has been built for straightforward use and maximum privacy protection. Users can create a personal profile and receive a unique login code. You do not have to enter your name, address or other personal information, other than gender and year of birth. This prevents being any matching of personal data with medical data. After login, you can register your most important medical information in five simple steps. You can do this yourself or for example together with your doctor. The data is stored securely and is accessible by no one but you. You can edit the information at any time.

You can grant access to a medical practitioner when needed. This you can do by showing your personal code – or by using the app on your smartphone or tablet. The medical provider can select the language in which your information is shown. Each time your file is opened, you will receive a notification on your account. In this way you can check who has had access at what time.

No internet connection available? No problem – you can also use the app without connection. However, for such use it is important to have downloaded the right language beforehand.