Your medical records in any language

Carry your medical information with you - it's secure and anonymous - and allow access in any desired language. Foreign healthcare practitioners can get up to speed immediately. Feel safe while traveling. Available for smartphone, tablet and PC.

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All your medical data at your fingertips at all times

Reassurance for you and others

All data in one location

All your relevant medical data in one place – in the language selected by the medical practitioner

Safe and encrypted

Your privacy comes first. That is why the system is fully encrypted and secured.

Clear and to the point

The medical information is structured for quick understanding. Foreign healthcare practitioners will be up to date rapidly.

Quick and simple to use

Fill in your information in no time. Do it yourself or with the help of a doctor.

For smartphone, tablet and PC

RESQ.Life always works, regardless of the operating system - Apple or Android, Windows or Mac.

24/7 access to your data

RESQ.Life can be accessed anywhere and anytime – by you and your doctor. Even without an internet connection.

Complete file with your medical data

Below you can view a sample RESQ file

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How do we guarantee your privacy?

Your privacy and safety come first

The system will generate a unique code when you create your RESQ.Life account. This code is displayed only to you. You can bring the code with you in a secure place such as in your wallet or your passport case. If needed, a healthcare practitioner can gain rapid access to your medical information by using your code. Any PC in the hospital or medical clinic that is connected to the internet can be used.

Your information can be viewed in the language selected by your healthcare provider. Alternatively, you can use the RESQ.Life app on your phone or tablet to display the information in any language.

No data that is stored on the RESQ.Life server can be read by our employees or any third parties because of its encryption. What's more, your name and email address are not stored on the server. Even in the very unlikely event that hackers break into the system, they will not be able to match the information to the people it pertains to. Your data is thus completely secure.
Privacy is one of the cornerstones of RESQ.Life. No data that relate to you are registered, other than gender and year of birth. It is therefore not possible to match anyone to their medical data without their approval.

Download the Resq app

Available for Android and iOS (Apple)

The RESQ.Life app is available in the Google Play Store for Android devices, and in the Apple App Store for Apple devices.

You can register via the website or the RESQ.Life app. All data is immediately synchronised. Through the website or the app you can add or delete languages, conditions, allergies, or any other information.

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